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Policy Watch - To Promote Fair and Equitable Housing Opportunities in every community in Connecticut

By: Anastasia Dai


BILL NAME: An Act Concerning Connecticut’s Present and Future Housing Needs

BILL STATE: Connecticut

BILL SPONSOR/CO-SPONSOR: Sen. Martin Looney [D], Sen. Robert Duff [D], Sen. Saud Anwar [D], Sen. Jorge Carbera [D], Sen. Christine Cohen [D], Sen. Mae Flexer [D], Sen. John Fonfara [D], Sen. Herron Gaston [D], Sen. Jan Hochadel [D], Sen. Julie Kushner [D], Sen. Matthew Lesser [D], Sen. Rick Lopes [D], Sen. Cici Maher [D], Sen. Martha Marx [D], Sen. Douglas McCroy [D], Sen. Patricia Miller [D], Sen. Marilyn Moore [D], Sen. MD Rahman [D], Sen. Derek Slap [D], Sen. Gary Winfield [D], Rep. Anthony Nolan [D], Rep. Maryam Khan [D], Rep. David Michel [D], Rep. Joshua Elliott [D], Rep. Anne Hughes [D], Rep. Travis Simms [D], Rep. Jillian Gilchrest [D], Rep. Juan Candelaria [D], Rep. Hubert Delany [D], Rep. Bobby Gibson [D], Rep. Joseph Gresko [D], Rep. Julio Concepcion [D], Rep. Keith Denning [D], Rep. Aundre Bumgardner [R], Rep. Jane Garibay [D], Joint Housing Committee

BILL STATUS: Introduced


  • Tenants cannot be delivered a notice to quit possession between December 1st and March 1st of any year. A notice to quit possession is the first step in the eviction process.

  • Tenants and their possessions cannot be removed from a property between December 1st and March 1st unless there is a court-issued eviction judgement issued against them specifically for their involvement in a “serious nuisance”

  • Late fees for rent may not exceed the lesser of these two options: (1) $5/day up to a maximum of $25 or (2) 5% of the delinquent rent or 5% of the tenant’s share of delinquent rent if part of the rent is paid for by an external agency such as the government or a nonprofit.

  • The Commissioner of Housing will establish a pilot program to provide temporary housing for people experiencing homelessness or for veterans who need short-term care. The program will be in at least three municipalities with at least 75,000 people and will provide at least 20 housing units for people who need respite care.

  • A task force will be established to study the potential growth of affordable housing through the conversion of underutilized commercial and retail properties


  • This bill shields tenants against the possibility of losing shelter during the coldest winter months in Connecticut-- December, January, and February.

  • Connecticut would join 22 other states that have limits on late fees for rent. CT late fee limits would be one of the lowest in the US at the lesser value between $25 and 5% of delinquent rent.


  • About 20% of veterans live in rural areas. We recommend that temporary housing solutions be strategically placed so they are within 25 miles of veteran enclaves, such as Jewett City where a home for homeless veterans is located. As part of the pilot program, it may be necessary to conduct research into where veterans live in Connecticut so the program will benefit as many people as possible.

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