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Illinois Senate Bill 2005 - Housing - Vet Preference

Bill Number: SB 2005

Bill Name: Housing - Vet Preference

Bill State: Illinois

Bill Sponsor/Co-Sponsor: Sen. Craig Wilcox [R], Sen. Mike Porfirio [D], Sen. Michael Halpin [D], Sen. Sally Turner [R], Rep. Harry Benton [D], Rep. Jenn Ladisch Douglass [D], Rep. Stephanie Kifowit [D], Rep. Daniel Swanson [R], Rep. Wayne Rosenthal [R], Rep. Lance Yednock [D], Rep. Gregg Johnson [D], Rep. Dave Vella [D], Rep. Michael Kelly [D], Rep. Hoan Huynh [D], Rep. Suzanne Ness [D], Rep. Mary Gill [D], Rep. Mark Walker [D], Rep. Mike Coffey [R], Rep. Randy Frese [R], Rep. Lindsey LaPointe [D], Rep. Fred Crespo [D], Rep. Paul Jacobs [R], Rep. Sue Scherer [D], Rep. Dave Severin [R], Rep. Cyril Nichols [D], Rep. Marcus Evans [D], Rep. Matt Hanson [D], Rep. Terra Costa Howard [D], Rep. Edgar Gonzalez [D], Rep. Dagmara Avelar [D], Rep. Debbie Meyers-Martin [D]

Bill Status: Passed

Bill Summary:

Requires housing authorities to develop and implement policies which granting housing preference to veterans who are homeless

Preference and benefits to veterans shall be cumulative with any other preference allowed by said authority

Key implications:

Almost 25% of all veterans come from and return to rural communities after service

Veterans are 50% more likely than other Americans to become homeless

17.9% of the general population lives in rural areas

By requiring housing authorities to develop and implement policies which grant housing preference to veterans, the bill works to address homelessness in a subset of the population more likely to experience rural homelessness


Any preferential treatment for veterans should not come at the expense/disadvantage non-veteran homeless populations

Policies targeted towards granting housing preference to veterans should trend towards addressing transitional housing issues

VASH Voucher already offers preferential treatment of veterans for housing placement

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