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Illinois Senate Bill 1376 - Housing - Homeless Vets & Families

Bill Number: SB 1376

Bill Name: Housing - Homeless Vets and Families

Bill State: Illinois

Bill Sponsor/Co-sponsor: Sen. Sally Turner [R], Sen. Mike Porfirio [D], Sen. Jil Tracy [R], Sen. Andrew Chesney [R], Rep. William Hauter [R], Rep. Paul Jacobs [R], Rep. Gregg Johnson [D], Rep. Mike Coffey [R], Rep. Jason Bunting [R], Rep. Dave Severin [R], Rep. John Cabello [R]

Bill Status: Passed

Bill Summary:

  • Amends the Homeless Family Placement Act requiring agencies to consider military status when determining whether or not to refer a homeless family with school-age children to a shelter

  • Also requires the consideration of the military status of any member of the family when determining State or federal benefits for homeless individuals

Key Implications:

  • In tying the consideration of military requirements to homeless benefits, the bill addresses the needs of a community more likely to live in rural areas and more likely to experience homelessness


  • Veterans are 2x more likely to be homeless, and are also more likely to live in rural communities

    • 25% of veterans come from and return to rural communities, whereas 17.9% of the general population live in rural communities

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