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Illinois House Bill 2831 - Task Force on Homelessness

Bill Number: HB 2831

Bill Name: Task Force on Homelessness

Bill State: Illinois

Bill Sponsor/Co-sponsor: Rep. Lindsey LaPointe [D], Rep. Carol Ammons [D], Rep. Dagmara Avelar [D], Rep. Lakesia Collins [D], Rep. Kelly Cassidy [D], Rep. Anne Stava-Murray [D], Rep. Stephanie Kifowit [D], Rep. Michelle Mussman [D], Rep. Eva Dina Delgado [D], Rep. Jaime Andrade [D], Rep. Margaret Croke [D], Rep. Suzanne Ness [D], Rep. Joyce Mason [D], Sen. Adriane Johnson [D], Sen. Mary Edly-Allen [D], Sen. Robert Martwick [D], Sen. Karina Villa [D], Sen. Rachel Ventura [D], Sen. Christopher Belt [D], Sen. Suzanne Glowiak Hilton [D], Sen. Doris Turner [D], Sen. Meg Loughran Cappel [D], Sen. Javier Cervantes [D], Sen. Robert Peters [D], Sen. Michael Halpin [D], Sen. David Koehler [D], Sen. Elgie Sims [D], Sen. Paul Faraci [D], Sen. Cristina Castro [D], Sen. Steve Stadelman [D], Sen. Laura Murphy [D], Sen. Napoleon Harris [D]

Bill Status: Passed

Bill Summary:

  • Creates the Office to Prevent and End Homelessness within the Department of Human Services to facilitate the implementation of a strategic plan aimed at decreasing homelessness through better health and social service outcomes

  • Creates an Interagency Task Force on homelessness headed by the State Homelessness Chief Officer

  • Task Force would operate as an advocate for the homeless population of Illinois

Key Implications:

  • Creates an office within the Department of Human Services focused primarily on improving outcomes for homeless individuals and decreasing homelessness

  • Having a task force primarily concerned with policy suggestions to decrease homelessness, coupled with an office within the Department of Human Services primarily concerned with implementing policy more effectively to address homelessness, could improve outcomes by giving homeless individuals a more direct legislative advocate and more targeted support


  • Reaffirm commitment to the inclusion of the interests of rural homeless populations in policy analysis, suggestions, and implementation

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